About Us

Greetings from The Cottage !

Meet the family

We are the cottage dwellers and...

Empty nesters
Mom & Dad
Nana and Papa
Uncle & Auntie to 15 nieces/nephews
(between us we have 4 sisters & 3 brother in loves)
21 Day Fixers
Game players
Lake lovers
Beach lovers
from the "Region" (NW Indiana)

We have three adult children, 2 son-in-loves, 2 grandchildren, 
2 dogs and 3 chickens.

Cara (aka wild one), and Tim were married in August 2011 (at our home).  
They live in Cincinnati, OH with their two beautiful children, 
Sydney (born April 2014) and Harrison (born September 2015).  
Cara is a labor and delivery nurse and Tim is an operations manager.

Nate is a 5th grade teacher in Rochester Public Schools.  
He has the decorating gene like his momma and is doing a fabulous job of
creating a mid-century modern vibe in his home.

Our baby girl, Danae, and Mike were married in 2014 (also at our home)
They recently purchased their first home here in Rochester!
Danae is a 6th grade teacher in Rochester Public Schools.  Mike is an attorney.

All three of our offspring were born during President Reagan's 2nd term as President.
Yep, the kiddos are very close in age.

We've lived in Rochester, Minnesota since 1992.
We moved here from Upstate New York.
Mr. D and I grew up in Northwest Indiana... in a suburb of Chicago.

We call our home "The Cottage"
because, well, we feel like we are living in a cottage.  

A place to get away from the world, to kick back, to have friends over for parties, 

relaxing by the pool, 
or for a quiet escape and a cup of coffee.
It's home.


She's an XL Yorkshire Terrier

We adopted him from Camp Companion in August, 2011
Our best guess on his breed is a Norwich Terrier.

The breeds change often...

I love cooking, baking & trying new recipes.
I don't like grocery shopping or making grocery lists.

I love decorating our cottage
which continually changes as I recreate the rooms --
with different room arrangements, colors and furniture.
and I do not fear change.

I love entertaining and spending quality time with good friends and family.

I work part-time from home.