Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Home Away From Home

Our home away from home was an Airbnb.  It was a comfortable two bedroom, one bathroom home with laundry facilities and a cute little patio.

Sliding doors lead out from the kitchen/dining area to the patio.  The sun shined gloriously on this patio from 10:00 am - 3:30 pm.

We entered the duplex/apartment through this door ...

Standing at the door into the duplex, you can see the hall to bedrooms/bath ... and the kitchen/dining area.

The kitchen was super easy to cook in ;) 

The bedrooms ...

aaannnnd, the lavatory ....

No bugs.  Warm days.  Open doors and windows.

and a regular visitor

We definitely aren't kitty people ... but this "neighbor" was very friendly for a feline.


  1. Cute place! We are using Airbnb as well when we go to Savanah in April. We will have to down grade to a Queen bed HA!

    1. We really don't mind a queen -- but when we have littles sleeping with us, the King is much more comfortable!

      How was your AirBnB experience?


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