Tuesday, September 20, 2016


This morning was a typical Facetime call.  Sydney was eating breakfast.  Life cereal for her.  Coffee and Greek yogurt for me.  She was very excited to share that she was "dry" this morning.  We celebrated with high fives and hooray's over the internet.

Breakfast finished, Sydney "took me" to the living room.  She wanted to "play."
So we talked.  Told stories.  Took pretend pictures with her pretend camera (in her hand).  Talked about her baby and packed her baby diaper bag for their trip to the mall.

In a few days we will be doing all this in person.  We are all pretty excited.
Breakfast will most likely happen twice each day.  Once with her breakfast in her chair, and once on Papa's lap helping him eat his breakfast.

With 654 long miles between us and these kiddos I am so thankful for technology!
Even more thankful for her momma and dada who graciously call us several/many times a week to hang out with Sydney and Harrison.

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  1. She is at a good age for hanging out with you on Facetime. It really is wonderful isnt it! Scarlett doesnt sit still for long when we facetime. She runs away, then runs back to engage. We'll take what we can get :)
    Have fun wit your babies, I can hear the excitement in your words!!! We will see Scarlett this weekend at the cabin :)


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