Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Blog Vibes

Hey ya'all!
I'm feeling the blog vibes again and I'm gearing up to start posting again soon.
This go 'round I'm considering making the blog private so you would have to register as a member to read the posts.

No final decision on this yet, but that's the direction I'm headed.

SO much has happened in the few years since I put my blog on pause.  It's so hard to start again after stopping -- I mean do I just pick up where I'm at or backpost ?  

Expect both.
Since the beginning, this blog has been a journal of sorts for me to log our family adventure.
I want to continue our story on the blog ... and catch it up!

Heading out on another adventure with our kiddos very soon.  
I'll try to keep you posted :)
Meanwhile ... let me know if you'd like to be a member.



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