Saturday, May 03, 2014

End of the week

As the end of our week in Cincinnati neared it was time for Kirk
to have his stitches removed, so nurse Cara did the honors.

Our snuggles continued...

Smiles happened.
Maybe it was because Little One was happy
to wear a Bobcat's shirt -- which made her daddy happy.

On our last night in Cincinnati we all went out for dinner at
Eli's Barbeque -- it was outdoor dining ... so we made sure Miss Sydney was plenty warm,
and thankfully the outdoor tents were heated.

The walk back to the car -- the new daddy with his babe
and the new Papa with the diaper bag -- 

 Cara and I stayed up late on our last night together.
A new bond made.  A love deepened between mother and daughter.
And granddaughter.
Just us girls.
Laughing and crying.
Loving each other like never before.

Saying good-bye to these three loves was our hardest
"see ya later" to date.


  1. It something you really cant wrap your head around until it's YOU! I'm glad you're a "nana" now. Such a sweet post.

  2. Love seeing all these pics of brand new Sydney! :) so squishy!!!

    Also - SUPER excited you're blogging again! :)


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