Saturday, April 26, 2014

Meeting our "Little One"

We awoke before the Sun came up on Saturday to get an early start on our drive to Cincinnati to meet our granddaughter.  It was unusually easy to wake up and get moving so early ... and we were right on schedule to get out the door.

Then this happened....
Mr. D had a little run in with the grinder on our coffee maker when he randomly decided to clean it before we left.  This little accident delayed us a few hours, and gained him a few stitches in the ER!

We managed to get to the hospital in Cincinnati before bedtime and get in a couple hours with the kids and Sydney.  The hospital parking ramp signs cheered us on ... "B" in pink for our baby girl is what we read!

baby love ...

 Facetime with Auntie Danae ...

 Stretches ...

After a few hours of loving on the kids, we said goodnight to the new momma, daddy and fresh from Heaven Sydney and headed to their home for the night.

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