Monday, April 07, 2014

Cincy trip and another baby shower

Eleven hours and five states and we arrive in Cincinnati.
Spring Break here in the Med City made it possible for Nate and Danae to join us which gave us an entertaining road trip.

Cara's mother-in-love, and her 3 sister-in-loves put on really nice family baby shower for our girl.  My mom and sister Barbara came from NW Indiana to the shower and spent the afternoon and evening the day before with us, my niece (Bailey) who lives in Cincy joined us at the shower too.

Cara's nephew, Kiefer, made it to the shower too!

 Monday was opening day for the Cincinnati Reds.  Opening day is a huge deal in Cincinnati.
I joined these four downtown for the parade.
Kirk worked "from home" while we were gone.

 best part of the parade ....

 PaPa helped put the stroller together

next trip to Cincinnati, we will see three!

....waiting for the phone call....


  1. Love it! Eeek, any day now!!!!

    1. I love your excitement for your friend Brie!

  2. Anonymous10:10 AM CDT

    Yay! I've been waiting for this post! I can imagine how excited you guys were to be there. Isn't it amazing time? We are waiting for the phone call too! It won't be long now. I'm putting it out there that my guess is a girl!

    1. We are enjoying the journey of all 3 kids right now. So many changes in their lives. I dreamed a girl night before last.... with vivid images of how "she" looks too! Maybe we will all be surprised!

  3. Wont be long excited for you all! Cara is a beautiful mama to be, and I especially like the photo of you with your three :) On a side note....Barbara really looks like your mom...a lot!

    1. Time is flying by soooo fast! I think Barb looks like mom too, but I think I look like mom!


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