Monday, February 24, 2014

Soooo over. it.

One by one, six coworkers entered the time clock room this morning.
We all echoed the same sentiment.
"I am so over this"
The snow.
The cold.

Looking out our front and back windows it's hard to tell if we are in Narnia or Rochester.
It is pretty.
But it sticks around too long.... 
and causes all kinds of trouble.

My drive home from work is usually about seven minutes.
Last Thursday it took me 45 minutes to get home.
That was just the beginning of the snow storm.

The trouble began trying to get up our driveway.
I got stuck.
Took Baby Girl, Kirk and I an hour to get the car to the garage.

  No school on Thursday or Friday for students ... or the teachers.
Baby Girl stopped by for a visit and to do laundry.
Then she spent two nights!

Friday morning.
Kirk cleared the driveway
but the city hadn't cleared our street.

Not sure if or when the plow would show up
Kirk plowed a path with the four wheeler 
down our street to the adjoining street so I could get to work.

Sunrise Friday morning:

afternoon sun:

The abundance of the white stuff creates all kinds of challenges at TheCottage

Power outages --  twice on Thursday night
Getting to the chicken coop to collect eggs and feed the hens

the white lines in center photo is snow falling!
or provide places for the pups to run
and do their thing.

  Four days post storm
the roads are still cruddy
and the snow is still sticking to the trees

and I'm thankful for a warm home

and the promise of Spring!


  1. ...and your photo's are pretty :)

  2. Anonymous10:37 AM CST

    I know you have to be so ready for Spring!! Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures, though. It looks idyllic! It was 10 degrees in St Louis this morning. Our normal this time of year is mid 40's. We are ready for spring too, but you all might need to pull out some indian rituals to get it warmed up in the great white north!! Sandy


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