Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Engagement Celebration

December 20, 2013
     marks the date that our Baby Girl said yes when Mike asked her to be his wife.
February 1, 2014
     marks the date we celebrated their engagement.

Three wonderful friends of the couple helped deck out The Cottage with photos of the happy couple and all things glittery, gold, romantic and fun.  They helped with the food, hostess duties, and directing the evening.
They rocked the hostess role!

We went for an eclectic cottage mix for decor
including flowers, gold trays

and the #hashtag

Baby Girl and I both love the ampersand!

photos of the couple on the gate 

annnnnd .... the food!

jalapeno & cranberry spread
cowboy caviar

ham salad with pickle garnish on cocktail bread

spinach/artichoke/parmesan in phyllo cups

cheese board
(with my favorite cheese - bella vitano)

tortilla roll ups

mini pigs in the blanket

individual carrot & celery cups

Twenty-eight (or so) people joined in the celebration

fuzzy phone pics are lame-o

brudder and sister
(groomsman & bride)

the groom ....

friends who make every gathering a blast!

The evening was
loud, memorable, fun, candlelight, sentimental,
easy going, fancy, genuine, happy, jolly, joyful, joyous, kind-hearted,
magnificent, warm-hearted, amazing, lovely,


  1. Anonymous8:56 AM CST

    Looks like an amazing celebration for a perfect couple! Congratulations! Wishing Danae and Mike many more happy celebrations as they approach their big day in a short 5 MONTHS!

    1. Wish you could have been here Sandy!

    2. Anonymous3:09 PM CST

      We would have loved to be there!

  2. Looks like a grand celebration from the food, to the decor and ambiance. I know you had help,( you and the girls did a lovely job), but you are definately the mastermind behind it all! You never cease to amaze me.... What a wonderful memory for M & D :)


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