Sunday, January 26, 2014


It was time to clear some photos off my phone.  Deleted many.  Saved a bunch.  If you follow me on Instagram these will all be repeats for you.  I'm really sorry.  I'm also really sorry for all the canine photos.  In the absence of babies at The Cottage (for now) the fur babies get photographed!

Gabby.  Sleeps.all.the.time.

 Nike follows Kirk. Everywhere.

 Nike loves.the.snow.

When at TJMaxx, we share a dressing room :)

Dollar dance at a wedding.  Line was too long for the groom.
I danced with the best man.  He's a friend of our family.

Parking Lot. NW Rochester.  Chipotle.

 Kirk's helper.

I love it when Nike sleeps like this!


Impromptu dinner at Baby Girls apartment.

Christmas Eve.  The start.

 This is the best chocolate cake ever.
It's flourless.  It has a chocolate ganache.
I know the chef that makes it to perfection.  
I'm attempting it in February.

Date night at one of my favorite restaurants.
Peach Bellini.  Yum.

 End of quarter. End of semester.
Helping grade math tests.

My dear friend in Colorado sent this phone shot to me.
Love that we think of each other all.the.time.
Even in the grocery store.

Cara.  our firstborn.

 Dining in with friends last night.
At The Cottage.
White Chicken Chili hit the spot.

it was a beautiful evening

 Garden Gate.
Ideas are brewing for this beauty.

Our summer place back in the early 90s.
Northville, NY

Baby Girl with her BFFs.
New Years Eve

Homework assignment

Gabby is a good cuddle buddy.
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  1. I cant be on instagram, because I still have a "dumb phone". Thanks for sharing your photo's, I enjoy all you have to say and show. Especially love the photo's of you and Kirk in the dressing room and the one of the parking lot at chipotle :)

    1. You'd love a smartphone Jackie!

    2. Love the randomness :)

  2. Love your updates!! I had a dream sat night we saw little ones foot pushing on my belly!! Lots more bumping and thumping this week!! We just might get a soccer payer after all!!


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