Monday, January 13, 2014

Here's the deal

A girl can only do so much.
Something had to give.
The blog took the hit.

Since my last post (November 18)
This has happened....

a surprise package arrived.
my niece, Mackenzie made me beautiful note cards.

 and this happened....

Then this ~
decorating church for the Christmas season
in "warehouse/pallet" style

 quiet evenings spent with friends

Traditions continued with Nate making a batch
of his Grandma D's fudge recipe  

Gift making happened

Thanks to Mr. D and his newly acquired sewing skills,
we knocked out most of the sewing-required gifts in one evening.
We made
A Chicago Bears fleece blanket for our nephew
14 homemade burp cloths
 two new Christmas stockings ...
One for Mike the son we get in July,

and a stocking for our "little one" expected to arrive late April

The Cottage was decorated
with vintage bulbs 

and vintage gates

inside and out!

(gates are courtesy of Cara and Tim -- from their yard in Cincinnati)
 Understated and simple decorations outside this year ...
using lots of natural materials

and pallets!

Pine cones, pine boughs and white lights
filled the chimenea

Mike asked Baby Girl to be his wife!
and she said yes!
Danae recently posted this on Facebook:
"I feel pretty spoiled. Not only do I get to become @mikedebolt024's wife this summer, I also get to wear this beautiful ring that was designed specially for me with his great grandmother's and his gramma's diamonds!"
Wedding date set:   July 19, 2014
Planning has commenced.
Dress bought.
Wedding extravaganza attended.

Cara and Tim arrived Christmas Eve afternoon

after the Christmas Eve service, we enjoyed time with our friends and kids 
at our annual Christmas Eve open house

after everyone left, Santa came.

Waking up to fresh snow on Christmas morning, 
gave Tim and Cara a chance to enjoy some shoveling!

Traps were set in the attic to (hopefully) snag critters (red squirrels?)

Our first baby sent us pics of her first baby...
ultrasound pics from early December, baby bump pic from 1/12/14

Kerry, Karyn, Jackie, Brie, Cindy, thanks for the encouragement to get back on the blog wagon!  

my blogging buddy tonight...

From our family to yours ....


  1. Brianna I think we still may need to go out for pie …this time to celebrate a new post! I am just bummed I missed seeing Cara while she was here (you guys left church on Christmas Eve so fast before I could get out to the lobby to catch you) …she looks so beautiful…just so thrilled for all the exciting things to come in 2014 for all of you! hugs….

    1. Sorry we missed you on Christmas Eve at church. We expected you to show up at the house! I'm still hoping we can all meet for pie ... or did I miss it last week?

  2. Love love love this post!!! I loved reading the recap of what's been happening in your (our) lives for the past 2+ months! So many exciting things!!! Thanks for posting momma! I know it is a lot of hard work and that you are a busy lady in high demand! Love you!!!

    1. Thanks DJ ... we do have a fun and exciting 2014 in front of us!

  3. One of the best blog posts ever.... well worth the wait! Beautiful photo's, family,and decorating. Loved seeing the pic of Cara....such a pretty mamma-to-be. This is gonna be an amazing year for you all!

    1. Ha ... didn't think it was that great of a post ... but if it made ya'all so happy, I'm glad it did it!

  4. Great post! Glad you are back! What a busy year you will have - lots of exciting stuff going on!!

  5. Ahhhh, I feel so much better :) In case you didn't know, my silly plea for a blog is nothing but a compliment to you, as I love to hear about you and your family! You must be busy Miss Cheri if you had to put the blog on the back burner, even with all those amazing updates! Loved this blog. The precious profile pic of baby Cappel made me tear up, can't wait to kiss his/her cheeks! So excited for Danae and Mike too! What a fun year ahead! So glad I got to see Cara, Tim, and everyone else, thanks for always making me feel like part of the group! :)

    1. Brie ... I know you love hearing about what's going on in our lives ... you are such a sweet girl to care so much! We can't wait to kiss the cheeks and smell that new born smell when little one arrives! Glad you could stop by and hang with us!

  6. Yea for blog updates :) something to read!! I normally save them for down time at work but could hardly resis this morning :)

    1. Nice to know I provide some entertainment for you when you are at work! ;)

  7. Thanks for the sewing picture... I helped with the burp cloths -- Miss Cheri handled the heavy lifting (sewing).

    1. Hey now ... you did the burp cloth sewing ... I did the stockings. It went so much faster with your help!

  8. So enjoyed seeing what you all are up to. Great pictures

  9. Anonymous12:03 PM CST

    Thanks for sharing! This is a lovely post and I agree with all the responses! What wonderful, exciting things are happening for the Dietzman's this year! Can't wait to help celebrate the baby and the wedding and who knows what other wonderful things! Sandy

    1. We are looking forward to having you join in on the celebrating!

  10. So glad you are back and LOVE the updates!! Congrats on the two new additions to the family arriving in 2014!

    1. Thanks Cindy! We sure miss you two! I think you should start writing a blog :)

  11. Great catch up post! I've looked through all the pics several times.

    1. Thanks Jen .... love keeping up with you on your blog too!


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