Sunday, November 17, 2013

Cincinnati Road Trip

Our annual fall Cincinnati trip -- October 2013.  Avoided Chicagoland this trip east by taking a southern route to Cincinnati.  Though I missed stopping at some of our favorite "haunts" for lunch in the area Kirk and I grew up in, we didn't miss hitting all the traffic.  The southern route is much more peaceful and scenic.

All kinds of scenic things to see -- and share the road with!

Some of our cargo included a porch glider for the kiddos for their front porch.  
We found the glider at Oronoco Gold Rush for a great price.  Our kids have all grown up with our porch glider using it for naps, reading, talking, hanging out.  It's been around since before they were, logging all kinds of memories and moments.  Our kids have all expressed interest in "inheriting" ours or having one of their own, so when we found this one, we I was certain it needed a home in Cincinnati!

Loaded the glider in the minivan (yup, we still have a minivan)...the pups found it to be a great place to see the road while enjoying the gentle sway and comfort of the swing.

The purpose of our trip ... to visit our kids ... of course.


Kirk spent a few days working remotely during our visit.

So while Kirk and Tim worked .... us girls played and got some serious shopping done.

On the weekend we all took a nice hike at a nearby park...

Then we knocked out a bunch of fun activities ...
a microbrewery ...  (loved that it was "heritage" and the Cottage!)

a night out on the town that included:
  • a scenic riverside walk

  •  photo ops

  • a view of the river via swings.  Any other swing lovers out there besides me?

  • beverages in the heated outdoor dining room of The Yard House overlooking the river and stadium

  •  and a fabulous dinner at The Rookwood Bar and Restaurant.  The atmosphere in this former studio and manufacturing facility of the world-renown Rookwood Pottery Co. in Mount Adams makes it a great place to get an amazing burger!

Sunday morning after church we went to The National Exemplar in Mariemont for breakfast --- the thirty or so minute wait for a table was well worth it!  Driving through the little town of Mariemont is, as Tim says, like re-visiting the town of Mayberry from the old Andy Griffiths show!

One of our first days in Cincinnati Cara and I painted a cute little upstairs bedroom...

now ready for the wood floors to be refinished, pictures to be hung, a soft area rug on the floor

and a crib!

The little pumpkin is due to arrive end of April 

On our last day in Cincinnati, I woke up early to attend a regular doctor visit with Cara.
So fun to hear that strong heartbeat of "our" baby!

Boy or Girl?
We'll have to wait til baby arrives to find out!
Love it.
Kirk and I didn't know the gender of any of our babies until they made
their appearance in the world either.

Trip back to Minnesota.

rained the entire trip
in all five states
Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota

Nike rode shotgun pretty much the entire trip

Nike.  Or Yoda?

Just found out last week that the Cincy kiddos are joining us for Christmas this year!


  1. Anonymous11:51 AM CST

    Beautiful pictures. Sounds like a great visit. We are so excited and thrilled for Cara and Tim! (and you)! Grandchildren are AMAZING! How wonderful they are going to be in MN for Christmas.

  2. I am sooooo excited for you and Kirk to be grandparents...and for Cara and Tim to be parents, it's such a wonderful and fulfilling time of life. Thanks for sharing your trip,loved the photos especially the close up of the bridge with the fall colors :)
    Yea for Christmas with all the kids, it doesnt get much better than that!!!

  3. Christmas, here? Ahhhh, I'm so stinking excited to see them! Loved this blog :) So excited about your fun year coming up with a baby!!!!!!

  4. Anonymous12:07 PM CST

    The babies room reminds me of the babies' room in Vestal when your kids were babies!


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