Tuesday, November 05, 2013

An empty nest

It happened.  Kirk and I joined the ranks of official empty nesters!
Official.  Not away at college.  Official.  Off the payroll.  On their own.
Yes, we are excited.  Yes, we absolutely love. love. love. our children. We loved having them at home with us.  We also love that they are all now gainfully employed, independent,self-sufficient adults (with college degrees) contributing to society.  We are proud of their ethics, morals, faith commitments, good choices, and hard work.

It was bittersweet moving our Baby Girl to her charming and cozy apartment over the weekend.
We will miss our chats, impromptu shopping trips, laughter, tv watching, her silly antics, etc.  But.... we loved watching her set up her new place and put her "touch" on the space as she tweaked and moved, and unpacked.

She was giddy in her excitement!

The cutest apartment in all of Rochester is just inside this door ...

A warm (literally) welcome from the best landlords in the County welcomed our girl.

Very comfy bed in a very cozy awesome sleeping "nook"

Stepping through the door, this welcoming room greets you ...

How cute is this little kitchen?!

Dish washing is fun here!

Baby Girl has a good eye for detail ... 

and special touches ...

I'll post more pics later after she has finished her "decorating".
Finished decorating?  What?  Is a woman ever finished decorating?

Enjoy your new home Baby Girl!
Love you.  Miss you too.


  1. A special day -- and yes, it felt like a Christmas morning (someone was very excited).

  2. It's just too crazy to me that all your kids are out! It's not possible that they are grown enough! Danae looks perfect in her new place (which is a super adorable place!) Well done on those kids, they're fabulous!

  3. What a wonderful peaceful feeling you and Kirk must have, the apartment is beautiful, D. has learned a lot from her momma in the decorating department....Love love love the kitchen!

  4. Congrats to Danae. Very stylish. It looks like it's out of a magazine.


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