Sunday, October 06, 2013


Incredible.  I am finally sitting down for the first time since 9:00 am this morning!

Today was (another) harvest day at The Cottage.
Started with the raspberries - so many to pick.  The raspberries are hitting their prime right now - the bushes are very full!

The green peppers and jalapeno plants were a complete surprise --
they started really slow this year, but are finishing with major output.  

Thousands of tomatillos were hanging like lanterns on the vines.  
Many are still too small to pick, I snagged a dozen or so for some salsa.

The zinnias. Talk about a bumper crop ... these plants are at least 5 feet tall.
Definitely the tallest zinnia plants I've ever grown!

Apples. Apples.  More apples.
Our mini orchard (of three trees) have also produced a bumper crop.
Kirk picked for about 3 hours today and the trees still have a lot of fruit remaining.

With our little harvesting done, we headed to the kitchen
and started with the apples -- making apple sauce.

After a large batch of sauce, we moved on to peeling and slicing apples to freeze 
so we can have all kinds of apple desserts all. winter.  long.

Our handy vacuum sealer makes freezing garden produce a breeze.
These green peppers went from 

in a matter of minutes. 

Around 6:00 pm I finally got around to making some raspberry and rhubarb (frozen in spring) crisp.
The plan was to make raspberry crisp -- but our boy stopped by this evening
and requested rhubarb-raspberry crisp.
What can I say, he's my boy.

I still have two large bowls of jalapenos to pack up.
They will have to wait til tomorrow.... I need more vacuum seal bags!

It's good to be back blogging again!
My absence hasn't been due to lack of material -- if anything, I have too much to write about!
I'll work at catching up on the last month over the next week.


  1. so excited your back!!! hehe I will def take some of that produce off your hands especially since my dear husbands favorite desert is apple and blueberry crisp!

  2. We will bring lots of apples with us in a couple weeks and ill make Tim some apple crisp!!

  3. Wow, everything looks great! Question about your raspberries since the ones that were pre-existing at our place haven't done well: Do you know if they are heritage variety? Do you cut them all down every year or leave the new canes til the 2nd year when they produce more fruit?

    1. Jen, I have no idea what variety I have. We got the starts from our neighbor 2 years ago and he couldn't remember. We do cut them down every year.

  4. I think this years weather was the key, your produce looks amazing. It keeps you busy but I know you love it. Good to see you back :)

    1. Ha ... I love it and don't love it! It is a lot of work, but I can be outdoors and feel productive :)


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