Saturday, August 10, 2013

Staycation Favorite

Day two of our staycation included a two hour tour on the Rochester Pedal Pub!
Using a group deal, we got our tour for 1/2 price...

then invited a bunch of friends to join us.
We all chipped in a few bucks per person, several people brought some snacks, everyone tossed  some beverages in the cooler and we were all set for two hours 

of laughter
making new friends ...
and reuniting with old friends.

 There are 16 seats on the Pedal Pub, including room for someone to "serve" in the middle.
Five of the seats are non-pedaling seats
everyone else --- you guessed it.....pedals to keep the bike moving!

We opted for a scenic route around Silver Lake and to Soldier's Field
going through downtown between the two

It was a perfect evening for the ride and a wonderful group of people to ride with!

Baby Girl jumped in the driver's seat for a photo -- while our driver had jumped down for a break

as we drove by a downtown building, we got a "selfie" in a window reflection 

There is a tradition that has sprung up over the last few years. 
It involves a horse and unicorn
who randomly show up at family gatherings, parties, weddings, 
sporting events, car rides, and now a Pedal Pub has been added to the list of appearances!

We had a blast on the Pedal Pub and highly recommend it!
More staycation fun to come....


  1. Looks like a good time....minus the pedaling or does it seems like your not even doing it? :)

    1. I managed to only pedal for a short time (carefully chosen seat). It was harder to pedal than I expected ... but doing with everyone made it fun!

  2. Anonymous9:10 PM CDT

    Looks fun!!

    1.! Come visit ... we'll get a group together and do it again!

  3. I love it - sorry we missed all the fun!!

    1. We'll look for another "deal" and do it again! We missed you guys!


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