Monday, August 12, 2013

Red Barn Farm

One of my favorite pizza spots is on a farm.
So when we wrote up our list of things to do and places to go for our staycation, The Red Barn Farm was included.
The Cincinnati kids had never been to a farm for pizza, so going was a request on their staycation to do list.

Getting to the farm takes nearly an hour, the pretty drive makes the hour fly by.

When you arrive at the farm, you scout out your parking spot in a grassy field.
No parking lots or street parking here!
From the parking "field," it's a short walk to the yard where the farmhouse and barn sit.
No host or hostess here, no door to enter through.
It's a walk-up-and-order-seat-yourself kinda place. 

Here, "seat yourself" means you seat yourself in the seats you brought!
As we enter the yard, we start scouting out our spot, then as several of us
begin to set up out dining area, we send the men over to order the pizza.

Right there, to the right of the red barn is where you order your pizza. 

Just past the little shop and down the cute, stump lined path. 

The wood/brick oven is inside the little building.

While the guys order the pizza,
the rest of the group sets up our dining area, 
and brings out the appetizers and beverages

I love adding to the quaint atmosphere of this pizza place!

Here's my pizza on the farm list of fun to bring:
a large bouquet of fresh flowers from our yard,
a candle lantern
a fold-up table and vintage table cloth
a quilt

... and food!
A cheese board is a favorite appetizer and very easy to transport.
I usually bring a salad and dessert too.
Nobody ever complains.

While we wait for our pizza to cook, we nibble on the cheese and crackers, 
take a walk around the farm,

visit the livestock,

and check out the gardens (fresh pizza ingredients grown here!),

take pictures of ourselves

and just kick back and relax 

It usually doesn't take long for the pizza to be ready.
Even if it did, we wouldn't mind.

For this trip I made peach crisp in mason jars
and whipped up some heavy cream and put it in another mason jar.
The peach crisp was still warm when we ate it!

 Red Barn Farm is only open on Wednesday's from 4:30-8:30 pm
and every third Sunday

If you've never been  -- 
keep the following in mind:
Only pizza (and salsa) is available for purchase.
You bring:
(blanket, chairs, whatever)
(anything goes)
Napkins, Plates, Silverware
(not required, we just like to make an event of the evening)
Bug Spray!
(we do live in Minnesota)

Allow drive time to Northfield! 
 It is definitely worth the drive!

If you go, or plan to go, let me know!  I'd love to hear about your experience!


  1. What a cool place! Love all the pictures. I'm craving that pizza! You made it so extra wonderful with all your little touches.

    1. You'd love it Brie ... and so would the kiddos!

  2. Wow - I would love to go!! Looks like you had a great time!

    1. Let's do it Deb! September would be a perfect time to go. Let's get Steve and Sue to join us too!

  3. what a perfectly divine evening! Definitely need to add this to the Things to Do (Someday) list.... >sigh<

  4. Karyn ... we should get a group together from cw and go!

  5. will def always be high on my list of places to go when in town!

  6. I have always wanted to do this every since I saw your first post on it..... Some Sunday maybe I can actually get all my kids together for a trip over there. I love the way you accessorize, always so creative with lovely table appeal. Great photos as well, the one of C & N cracked me up.


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