Saturday, July 06, 2013


Nothing like a long holiday weekend to kick back and relax.   
After a long spring of working hard on TheCottage remodel, we had a little fun for a few days!

Kirk had the week off and worked on several projects at TheCottage over the week -- great vacation huh?
Before the weekend even started, I managed to sneak in a long ride with my favorite Arabian, Layla, and my friend Karen, owner of River Road Riding.  If you want to see some beautiful SE Minnesota countryside, hit up River Road Riding at the link above and schedule a ride!

Our kiddos were off being their independent selves on Independence Day ... in Cincinnati, Lake Pepin and the Twin Cities, so we called up some friends to come hang out with us ...

Matt & Suzy, Deb (from Cooking on the Front Burner) and her hubby, John 

thanks for the beautiful flowers Deb & John !
We enjoyed swimming, soaking up the sunshine, and drinking "tasty beverages" in the comfortable warm water of the pool (thanks for turning up the heater Kirk!)

and had a mini bags tournament .... 

We celebrated our Independence potluck style
 grilled some chicken spiedies
and dined on some amazing desserts and side salads!

Nike kicked back and napped in a favorite cool spot.

Friday afternoon I went to the Cities with my kindred-spirit friend, JoLynn.  I had some shelving to exchange at IKEA (which was surprisingly void of shoppers), then did a little cottage (outfitting) shopping as long as we were there!  We rarely go to the Cities without a stop at TJMaxx in Apple Valley ... no exceptions were made on Friday.  My "decorating cash" envelope is a little lighter after that trip,
but I'm happy with what I found for TheCottage and the TJMaxx price tags :)

Saturday we spent a perfect Minnesota afternoon in a canoe and kayaks.
We pretty much had the river to ourselves as we floated and paddled down the Zumbro River
thanks to the outfitters at Boulder Dam Canoe & Kayak Rentals
It's about a three hour trip -- maybe shorter if you don't make any stops and paddle the entire trip.
We like to take it slow and drift.

One day left of this holiday weekend --- more fun?  or back to work?

I do have some cottage stairs to paint...

Hoping for a kitchen reveal by the end of the week!


  1. Sounds like a perfect weekend, we were out at Lake Zumbro Saturday, it felt so good to be in the water, whew it was hot. That back yard picture of your pool is so pretty :)

  2. We had a wonderful time! Thanks for having us - wish we could have went kayaking... AND can't wait for the reveal!!!!!!!!!!!!


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