Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Katie and Sam get married

Baby Girl's college roomie got hitched!

Our weekend in the Chicago area was a busy one 
Aunt Sally's birthday luncheon + Katie & Sam's wedding
+ Mr. D's birthday.
Busy. But so much fun!

Katie and Sam planned to get married outside
however, just about the time everyone was seated outdoors, the rain started.

Guests were told the wedding was moving inside and to grab our chairs.
Within 10 minutes everyone was situated and ready for the ceremony to begin.

Like the trooper she is, Katie was totally fine with the last minute change.

She was totally cool with moving the wedding inside.
She just wanted to get married!

 Mike was stuck with Nate, Mr. D and me most of the day and evening
while Baby Girl fulfilled her bridesmaid duties.

Good thing he likes us...
and vice versa!

As the girls moved into their first dorm room and met each other the first time
both Katie's mom and I "knew" the girls would be "besties".

There were some Jewish traditions thrown in the wedding and reception
to honor the faith of Sam's family. 

Baby Girl and Nate livened up the reception
when they pulled out their horse/unicorn masks!
#neveradullmoment with these two...

Mazel Tov 
Katie and Sam!


  1. So fun!! I love that horse and unicorn pic!! it cracks me up!!!

  2. I'm with Cara, that picture is a hoot! Beautiful couple :)


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