Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day Fun(?)

Some serious, heavy duty, physical, labor took place at The Cottage this weekend.

Friday was flooring delivery day and we had to get several sheets of particle board ripped up before delivery.  We opted to DIY the floor demo to save us a chunk of change.  With the linoleum backing paper covering the particle board on the kitchen side of the room, we had no idea where the nails were.

Saturday we worked on the flooring more, and removed most items in the room, including all the remaining kitchen cabinets.  Then we cleaned up and went to two graduation open houses.

By 9:00 am on Sunday morning we were at it again.

Baby Girl took on the job of lifting all the nails.  She did a stellar job that allowed Kirk and Nate time to do some heavy duty lifting and moving of appliances and furniture.

This nail puller was the star tool of the day. The $15 spent on this beauty was well worth it!  Having the right tool for the job is very important for a successful demo.

Kirk and Nate took turns cutting up some boards ... and holding the ShopVac to suck up the sawdust.

I did a mix of odd jobs.... punching nails out of boards, pulling nails, cleaning up, carrying small board pieces out to the utility trailer, picking up nails and sweeping.  Then there was making lunch and cleaning it up :)

At 5:30 pm tonight, we called the job complete.

Ready for the floor installers to lay the plywood underlayment --

and then our new floors !

It's happening!  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel -- it's only a couple weeks away!

Baby Girl, Nate ... THANK YOU for all your hard work today!  It was fun to work with you, and your sacrifice of time and energy meant a lot to your dad and I!

At the end of the day.  We're kickin' back in our hillbilly living room/kitchen in the garage.
It's a beautiful, quiet evening.


  1. You guys are amazing, cant believe all that you are doing yourselves. So nice of the kids to pitch-in :) I cant not wait to see the end!

    1. It was actually (kind of) fun to work alongside the kids. The DIY work is hard ... but so worth it!

  2. I am loving the hill-billy garage kitchen/living room!!

    1. We actually kind of like it too :)

  3. Anonymous9:23 AM CDT

    Looking forward to the finished reveal! Good work wiping the slate clean!

  4. Love the garage! Also, I love how your kids are helping you :) You know you've done a great job with your kids when they love to be with you and help out :) Can't wait to see the end!!!


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