Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Change is happening!

Things have been (and are) humming here at TheCottage the past couple weeks!

The wood floor was installed last week!
It looks every single bit as awesome as I was hoping it would!

Floor in.  Stairs are next on project list.
We've been working on the stairs -- three different flights of stairs!  Have I mentioned we have a lot of stairs here?  We do.  In fact, we have four different stair "cases."  We live in a multi-level cottage.  Never, in a million-zillion years, did I ever think I'd live in a multi-level home.  Shoot, I didn't even like multi-level floor plans.  Until we found our cottage.

The stairs.  We opted not to put wood on them.  We wanted something different.  Something with character.  Out of the ordinary and unexpected.  There is always the option of having the wood installed on the stairs at a later date, but for now, we are diggin' the idea of painted stairs!

We're using floor and porch quality paint for the stairs.  Any color can be mixed, but we chose from the samples on the brochure full of color swatches.  I always get more than one of the brochures, so I can pull the chips off the card for better viewing, then have the card/brochure for reference.
I/we put every.single.one of those above colors to the test.  I called in back-up for decision making (thanks JoLynn!).  A final decision was made.

I started priming the stairs on Sunday.
The risers (see pic below) on all the stairs will be white.

 The treads will have a color.
(to be revealed in a later post)

Part of the stair project included replacing a broken tread.  
Kirk finished the replacement last night, 
(then watched the Chicago Black Hawks win the Stanley Cup!)

He planned to repair a squeaky step, but I may have talked him out of it.
I find a squeaky step to be charming, quaint and very cottage-y.
I'll bet everyone knows the spot in their grandma's or mom's house that has a squeak!
(maybe, like me, you tip-toed around it when you came in late as a teenager!)

Primed steps!
(the landing will need some TLC before it gets painted)

Now for the kitchen.  
I am loving it!
Today the carpenters finished installing the perimeter cabinets.  Normally uppers are installed first, but we asked for lower install first so we could get the counter top template made ASAP to hopefully get our counter top and sink in earlier/faster.

Here's a before, to jog your memory.
30+ year old (homemade) cabinetry.
(damaged) linoleum and berber flooring.
dark walls.  U-shape kitchen.

Carpenters return tomorrow.  and Thursday.
Not sure about Friday yet.

Crossing my fingers that the counter top will be finished and ready by Monday.
Expecting it more like Wednesday or Thursday.


  1. Anonymous8:57 AM CDT

    Lookin' great! Isn't it exciting seeing all the planning come together? I'm sure it will be a show stopper!


  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Sandy, it is very exciting to see it all come together! Please come visit so I can cook for you in the new cottage kitchen! (we can hang out at the pool too)

  3. Wow! So incredible! The Darnells are going to need a return trip to Minnesota to see the "new" cottage! We were so charmed by it before, but the updates are gorgeous too! You have such a good eye for class & cozy charm, Cheri. I think my home needs a visit from your magic touch & serious skills!

  4. Lookin' good you guys, I'm hearing the "painted steps" are the IN-THING, cant wait to see the colors you chose.


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