Thursday, June 06, 2013

A favorite dessert

It was love at first bite.
Fried ice cream.
softened ice cream.  crunchy shell.  whipped cream.  hot fudge.
Seriously, what's not to like love?

My long time friend, Deb (and her hubby, John) invited Mr. D and I, along with 2 other couples 
over for some light Mexican cuisine on Cinco de Mayo.
Just a few days after the "big snow", we were pretty pumped to spend time with friends
over good food and beverages!

Deb made my day when she pulled out the fried ice cream!
It's one of my favorite desserts, and I hadn't indulged in this treat in over 20 years.
Last time I had fried ice cream was at El Cholo's Mexican restaurant near our home in upstate New York.

Deb assured us these are incredibly easy -- so I'll be making these sometime soon!
For the fried ice cream recipe - and many other incredible recipes
head over to Deb's blog.


  1. Thanks Cheri!!! It was fun getting together and hope we can again soon!!!!!! Nice post!

    1. I always enjoy my time with you! Next time, party at TheCottage .... as soon as the kitchen is done!

  2. I would appreciate it if you made it say late July!!

    1. Let's do it! Everyone can help :)

    2. Help... I never said anything about that! ;)


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