Monday, April 01, 2013

Randoms on April first!

Random stuff today.
Sure, why not.  It's April Fools Day.

Got home from work today and favorite son (who was visiting) was grinning ear to ear.
I see the foil covered pan on the counter.
Me:   {smiling}  "you baked today?" 
Him:  "Yep, I made brownies!"
Me:  "Impressive"
Me:  {uncovering pan} .... "dang"

He had made a pan of  Brown Es!
Him:  {laughing}  "April Fools!"

The boy got 5 of us with this one.
I've warned him ... never joke about chocolate. ever.

She loves to lay near the (very fake) fire.

Baby Girl giving Nike some love

I was on a scone kick for a couple weeks
Made up a couple recipes.  Got a keeper!

One more dog photo

So, did you get fooled today? 
Or did you do the foolin' ?

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  1. No April fools jokes in my day. I like Nate's idea of least they are zero calorie's :) The scones look yummy, what kind are they?


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