Monday, March 25, 2013

Temporary Digs

With the flooring in bedroom #2 complete, we are moving on to bedroom #3.  The master bedroom.

Which means we need to move the master bedroom into the room we first finished.

Which means moving everything from bedroom #1 and bedroom #2 into bedroom #2.

Here's how the moving has gone down:

  1. Move furniture from Room One into Room Two  (adding to the furniture already in Room Two)
  2. Install flooring down in Room One.
  3. Move all furniture from Room One and Room Two into the newly floored Room One.
  4. Install new flooring in Room Two.
  5. Move all of above furniture (from Room One & Two) back to the newly floored Room Two.
  6. Move master bedroom furniture into newly floored Room One.
Mr. D installs the flooring.
I move the furniture.  Me. Myself & I.

Our temporary digs are a little tighter than the master bedroom we are used to. 

But that's OK with us, it's fun to change things rooms up a little now and then.

Like my tulips?
They are from HomeGoods!
See the tag?  Decided today that I'm keeping them.
They bring a little pretty to a torn up cottage.

Cottage Reno this week/weekend
  1. Rip out master bedroom carpet.
  2. Paint trim in master bedroom.
  3. Paint master bedroom.
  4. Install flooring in master and hallway.
If you had the cash, what would you remodel/change in your home?  Or, what are you working on now?


  1. Love the tulips!!! Wish they would have had two that day!!!

    1. I love them too! If I see them again, I'll buy them for you :)

  2. love the tulips too! Depending on what we need to pay out of pocket to fix the snowmobile vs. storage garage incident (neighbors sled - our garage - it was a tie and they both lost) and what it costs to remedy the wet basement and put new flooring in the guest room....I WAS hoping this would be the year for new countertops/sink/appliances in my kitchen. but I'm not holding my breath. >sigh< function/necessity always wins over fun it seems.

  3. Oh Karyn, I feel for ya! We've had many, many delays like that over the years!

  4. Well, first of all I"m exhausted after reading all that you're doing....whew. It'll all be so nice when it's done. As for me, it hasn't been that long since we did the upstairs, new carpet paint etc. We are fine with the family room for now. The room I'm dying to do is our master bath, I'd like to paint gray, get new flooring, new vanity/sink. We just need to do it. Already have the new higher (for old people) toilet :)
    I also love the tulips, they looks so real, very pretty!

  5. We are definitely getting daily workouts with this project!
    Your upstairs looks awesome .. and so does the family room....and deck :)
    I like the sounds of your plans for the master bathroom! (You'd like the higher counter in the bathroom too) If you need paint decks, let me know, I have several!


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