Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Floor one done.

Back in this post we had just pulled up carpet 

and Mr. D was ready to get busy installing the new flooring.

Before he jumped in laying flooring, he had a little prep work to do.
This oscillating tool is awesome for undercutting the trim.
Nothing like having the right tool for the job!

Mr. D has been learning as he goes installing the laminate flooring and
let me tell ya ... the guy is rockin' the installation like a pro!

Unlike hardwood, laminate boards actually float on top of the floating (green) underlayment.
No nails needed.

The boards click and lock together like puzzle pieces.

It's a quick and slick process!

Last boards going in...

 While Mr. D installed the flooring,
his wife painted shoe moulding and closet trim.

Mrs. D finds the kitchen counters work quite nicely for painting trim!

Closets are getting a little facelift too
Check out the classy screwdriver Mr. D uses for tight spots...

wrapping up the room with the freshly painted shoe moulding...

and ... done.

We have no regrets about using laminate in the bedrooms.
It isn't as spendy as wood, and Mr. D saved us megabucks by doing the installation himself.

The look and feel of this laminate is outstanding.

I'm so itchin' to get some furniture in that room!


  1. Anonymous11:12 AM CDT

    Looks beautiful! Nice job!

    1. Thanks Sandy! Your brother does good work :)

  2. Anonymous7:10 PM CDT

    Floor looks very nice, what is the name and color? Thanks

  3. Flooring is Sculptique by Quick Step.
    Color is Toffee Almond Hickory


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