Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Cottage Reno Progress

February 20th.
That's the last time I posted about the renovations happening at The Cottage ... and the ideas that were swimming around in my brain.

Today I am happy to report that...
1.  Some decisions have been made!
2.  Actions have been taken!
3.  Rooms are being changed!

Tonight Mr. D and I signed the retainer and dropped off a retainer fee for our kitchen cabinets!  We decided to go with The Kitchen Design Studio here in town.  We've been working with Don Gustason, the principal designer at KDS.  Don has done a great job of listening to what we want in out kitchen, respecting our budget, and designing a plan that fits us and how we live and work in the kitchen.

The Kitchen Design Studio is new to Rochester.  Really new.
So new, in fact, that we are proud to say we are their first customers in Rochester!
To say thanks and celebrate us being his first customer, Don presented us with a Victoria's gift card!  This sweet, and unexpected gift will be very useful when our kitchen is torn up for a few days weeks(?)!
We gave Don a one spot (and then some!) -- which he plans to frame as a memento of his first sale in Rochester.  Pretty cool.

The Kitchen Design Studio may be new to Rochester, but Don is a seasoned veteran in kitchen design.  We feel very confident with his knowledge and the cabinets he sells.  Don has won several kitchen design awards and his portfolio is impressive.

Here's a peek at our design as of today.  Don will be providing us with an elevation drawing in the next week which will give us a good "feel" about how the cabinets will look.

So, here's the deicisons made as of today...

  1. Perimeter cabinet style
  2. Perimeter cabinet color
  3. Cabinet construction
  4. Island cabinet style
  5. Island cabinet color
  6. Island countertop
  7. Perimeter countertop
  8. Flooring (previously decided)
There could be some tweaks here and there after we see the elevation drawings, but I doubt it.  We've hashed out this plan for awhile now.  But knowing me .... well, you never know.

Now that we have picked the cabinet color, I can pick the wall color and get busy on finishing the walls!  So excited and anxious to get that done!

Next Up:  Bedroom flooring progress!

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  1. I bet it'll be amazing when it's all done. When are you hoping it's finished?


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