Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Work Week

Day 5 we put a second coat on the dining room walls and painted the living room. 
Dining room before moving in...

Dining room when we arrived...

Taping.  I don't tape.  However, taping is very necessary when  painting stripes/lines.

The dining room gets a nice wide navy blue stripe at chair rail height.  Mr. D and Cara did an amazing job of marking the walls for a perfect line.  I painted the bathroom ... they measured. and taped. and measured and taped again.

When I finished painting the bathroom (not much to paint there) I got busy rolling on some "Naval" paint by Sherwin Williams.

Paused for lunch.  Then Mr. D removes the tape..

so much awesomeness

The dining room is 


That hanging light fixture in the first two photos.  Yeah ... they are looking for something awesome for there.  I have a light fixture from the 1930's (my grandparent's house) that might be perfect there.  Next trip?


  1. Thanks for sharing Cheri, it's so fun to see everything you guys did, love it all!

  2. Amazing, I love love the look. Props to cara and Kirk for the straight lines, that in its self is a job. And you Cheri.... you are in your element aren't you :)


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