Monday, February 11, 2013

Work Week - day 4

Tuesday morning I put a pot of homemade soup in the slow cooker, had a cup of coffee, and a leftover bagel and we got busy.  Again.

Mr. D worked on hooking up 2 washing machines and one dryer.
Yes, two washers.  There is a set for each apartment.

While Mr. D worked diligently in the basement, us girls painted the master bedroom a soft tan color that perfectly matched her throw pillow.  Cara was very excited to put her new bedding (wedding gifts) on her bed for the first time.

We didn't get around to hanging pictures in the bedroom, but this one is going up...

and this one too...

Note:  I did the word embellishment in PicMonkey
the words aren't on the actual frame :)

Not pictured, but completed was a first coat on the dining room wall.

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  1. Anonymous1:12 PM CST

    It all is coming together! It's so nice to see the pictures! What fun to decorate your first home and put all those beautiful gifts to use! Thanks for posting :)


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