Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Slowly moving forward

Mr. D and I are no strangers or newbies to home remodel/renovations.  We have given more than a few rooms new looks in 30+ years of marriage including a two-story addition on our first home that had a family room, two bathrooms and a master bedroom.  However, in all those makeovers, we've never done a kitchen ... except for changing out a countertop and sink.  Oh, and knocking out a wall.

Over the last several weeks we have:

  • Gathered dream kitchen photos and scoured for kitchen ideas
  • Worked with a Lowe's kitchen designer and drawn up a 3D kitchen plan to get ideas on cabinets and design options.  
  • Checked out all the kitchen and design studio booths at the Rochester Remodeler Home Show
  • Met with two local kitchen design studios here at TheCottage.
  • Visited a local kitchen design business and got schooled on kitchen cabinet construction.
  • Looked at countertops and got schooled on the options.
Now we are waiting for:
  • Both kitchen designers to get back to us with estimates and designs.
  • Me to make up my mind.
Decisions we have made:
  • Flooring.  A handscraped maple engineered wood floor
  • Cabinet style.
  • Cabinet color
  • Island cabinets (pretty sure)
  • Kitchen layout (almost sure)
  • Island countertop (if it is affordable)
  • Kitchen perimeter countertop (choice is down to 2)
  • Style of stove fan
I put together a simple idea board this evening so you all can see the direction we are headed.  Remember it is just that, an idea board.  
Cabinet choice:  white flat panel.
Countertop:  black.  (either laminate or silestone) Honed/slate finish.
Flooring:  exactly what you see on the idea board.
Floating shelves:  One one wall
Vent fan:  stainless       Kitchen sink:  undermount, probably stainless.  Farmhouse a close second!

While we wait to hear back on the kitchen plans/estimates, "we" (really Mr. D) have started on the flooring in the bedrooms.  Bedroom #1 cleared and moved into bedroom #2.

Floors prepped and ready.
 waiting for a new look

It's starting to come together ... on paper anyway!


  1. Anonymous9:37 AM CST

    Very nice!! I love that look. Sounds like you are getting closer to having all the decisions made! That is always such a big step. Flooring for bedrooms same as kitchen area? Good luck in the final decision making!

    1. Thanks Sandy. I love the look too ... but at one point doubted the white, then looked at all the pictures I'd collected and realized all the kitchens I loved were white! Bedroom flooring matches, but is a nice quality save some $ :)

    2. Anonymous4:02 PM CST

      I Loved my white kitchen! Would go back to that any day. I would of course make some changes since that remodel, but I love the white!

    3. Well, you said you hope to remodel your kitchen...... go for it!

  2. WOW, that's alot of decisions! Sounds great with well thought out ideas! It'll be fun to see it all done!

    1. Ya think? At one point I started to get paralyzed in the decision making process. It is WAY easier for me to make decisions for other people!
      I want to have a "kitchen warming" when it's all done ... and cook my friends tasty food in the new space :) You are invited!

  3. Wow! Major remodel! You are tough. Not sure I could handle main living space being torn apart. Can't wait to see the progress and finished space.


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