Monday, February 18, 2013

Meanwhile back at TheCottage...

The day after we returned home from Cincy, Mr. D and I have been doin' work at TheCottage.
While we were gone the awful popcorn ceiling was removed and a new knockdown ceiling put it its place.
Such an improvement!

We opted to save some change and paint the new ceiling ourselves. 

It seemed like a really good idea
until our 50+ year old necks and arms started to complain. 

A few Advil later and we were good for some more DIY --
removing the carpet on the stairs

putting the microwave back up
(for now) 

cutting in and covering knots with primer

covering more knots
and filling holes with wood filler
more filling
more sanding

priming the knotty pine walls
and filling more holes
and sanding some more
and filling
and sanding

and caulking
(which we will cover in another post)

We're plugging away at this HUGE project which has MANY little projects and steps.
Mr. D is using his crazy PMP  (Project Manager Professional)  skillz and schooling
so we can act as our own general contractor --- saving us some serious cashola!


  1. looking good mama!! can't wait to see it all finished!!! we are still clipping away here. walls out and tile picked for the frame of the br floor.

  2. You are both so very ambitious, looking good! ....the nice thing about the timing is no little ones at home anymore and no frantic timelines... I remember doing ALL the painting and staining for this house, the kids were babies and we had to meet the dead lines for all the other work going on in the house.....ugh, at least we earned ourselves central air-conditioning for all our labor! (plus we were 25 yrs younger) :)

  3. I can't wait to see the final results!!!

  4. Anonymous9:55 AM CST

    Looking great! I'm sure you have some serious aches, but it will be worth it!!!!!!


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