Tuesday, January 01, 2013

What is it?

Can you identify the item pictured below?

Is it a ...
a)  sock darner
b)  marracha
c)  herb masher
d)  tart tamper

If you guessed (a) sock darner
you are correct!

The domestic diva showed up today.  
I rocked this little gadget and darned 15 socks!

By my calculations, I figure around $35 was saved by repairing our (mostly mine) socks.

The sock darner belonged to my grandmother, then my mother.
I've used it many times over the years -- not as much as I could have. Or should have.
But enough to make me feel domestic (and frugal) every decade or so.


  1. I like the frugal nature of this little device -- always frustrating when a sock gets a hole before it's worn out.

  2. I remember Cara always using these as microphones as a kid when she was singing. Hahaha

    1. Oh Nate ... you are so right! She definitely did! LOL

  3. Anonymous6:04 PM CST

    I would need a video interpretation of how this is used :)

  4. haha i was just looking to see if you blooged saw this and was going to comment on saying i know it's a sock darner but more importantly the best micorphone a little girl could ask for back in the "good ol' days!


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