Sunday, December 23, 2012

Ready? Or not?

Ready? Or not?

I'm more "ready" than I've ever been.
Baking done.  Gifts wrapped.
I am not going to be sewing or crafting until the wee hours of the morning tonight.  Or even on Christmas Eve. 

Our boy came home for a few days today.

After dinner tonight, Nate made fudge.
His grandma's recipe.
It's tradition now.  Nate makes the fudge.
He's really good at it.

Baby Girl, Nate, Mike and I made sticky buns and cinnamon rolls tonight.
Lots of them!
We took a couple pans to our favorite neighbors.

Then we ate the rest of them.
Not really.

Tomorrow morning, bright and early we will have 3 little ones here for the day while their mommy and daddy are at work.

Good thing I'm ready!
Christmas Eve night we will have 30+ people here!
It's tradition.  People without family in town join us.

So, how 'bout you?
Ready?  Or not?


  1. Ready!, thanks to you!

  2. This year i am ready as well! I think that's a first. All that left is the making of #10 pounds of garlic mashed potato's and 1 pecan pie. Those cinnamon rolls look amazing, I really must get the recipe (If you give it our). Merry Christmas my friend, enjoy your time with family and friends!

  3. As of noon today (christmas eve) I was as ready I was going to's been another "off" year for us this Christmas season....gotta figure out why before next Christmas...

    Merry Christmas hugs to you!!!!


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