Sunday, December 30, 2012

Pinterest time!

Finally.  Made something I saw on Pinterest!

This one is a no-brainer for me.  
I like to keep (or at least upcycle) the Christmas cards we receive.
In past years I've cut the tops off the cards to use as gift tags.
Like I did here last year.

Today I made books with the cards.
Using directions and a free printable from eighteen25 blog.
I made two different "books" ....
one for cards, 
one for photo cards and letters

Too many cards/photos to all fit in the one-inch rings I have.

I think I'll do cards photo cards from previous years tomorrow.
I may have used a few years worth of greeting cards
for gift tags in past years, but I still have the photo cards!
Thankfully they are sorted by year and rubber banded together.
Just waiting for me to find the right idea on how to use them!

I'm not so sure I'll always do the cards -- but I will always make the photo card books.
So, if you send us cards next year, put a photo in with it!

To include the Christmas letters,
I punched the top of the letters, then folded them just short of
in half to fit within the cover of the book.

I'm also planning to do a book with all the cards we've sent over the years!

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  1. Given social media -- I would think this will be a dying 'art' -- and it will become increasingly an online event. So in a sense -- you're keeping some history here. As in your future grandkids saying "what are *those, Grandma?" ;)


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