Friday, December 14, 2012

New lighting!

We started Phase I of the kitchen/great room remodel at The Cottage this week!  It's amazing how little changes/improvements can make such a huge difference in a room.

On Wednesday we had an electrician add some can lighting.  

Two lights over the fireplace.

Five lights in the kitchen ...

Here's a better peek at how bright it is now...

and two over the entry into the room...

Knowing that all the drilling in the ceiling was going to cause a dust frenzy, Mr. D and I emptied the room and covered cabinets the night before.  We even covered the Christmas tree!  I dreaded taking down the candles on the mantel.  Now I'm glad I did.

I was further inspired as I added the candles back to the mantel!  This time I added some (homegrown) red twig dogwood ...

The sticks provided a vertical element that was missing in the previous arrangement.

I also laid a couple twigs on the mantel itself.

 And what started out as a temporary deal (lights on twigs) to keep them out of the way while I arranged candles, soon became part of the display!

Sometime before Christmas I'll light all the candles for you, it's stunning.

One more thing.  Did you notice the cookies cooling on the island counter in the above photos?
Tomorrow I'm posting the recipe for these delicious cookies that make the house smell amazing!


  1. Nothing like a well lit kitchen, it looks great. I Like the red sticks added to the mantel, it's nice color to break up the white (but i like the white too)


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