Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Eve 2012

Bright and early on Christmas Eve day three kiddos came to spend the day with us

While their momma and daddy were at work

We had fun playing trains, dolls, legos and


and four-wheelin'

Then they went home to get ready for church.
We got ready for church too.  Then hit up the 4:30 pm Christmas Eve service.

and then .... we scrambled home to make some punch, homemade eggnog (it was amazing), set out out some food, and light the candles.

Within minutes of our arriving home, our guests started arriving.
We had 41 people in all.
Not including our family of 4.

We invite friends who don't have family in the area to spend the evening with.
We always have drop-ins ... which we love.  Baby Girl's friends from high school always stop over. Always good to see "old" friends.

After the last guests leave, we ALL begin the big clean up.
We've gotten pretty quick at the clean-up part -- nice to have adult children!

When clean up is done, we all sit around the tree with the lights low and chat.
It is one of my favorite times of the season.
Mr. D and I are finding it harder and harder to stay awake longer than the kiddos.
It's important to stay awake later than them.
Santa appreciates our help.

Today we took our tree down.
I like to hit the new year with a clean house.


  1. Now that was one busy day. Looks like a lot of fun was had! Is 41 your record for Christmas eve?

  2. It didn't feel busy until we got home from church! I don't think 41 is the record ... I'll have to look back over my notes from the past 20 years to check the stats though. Interestingly, we had 41 the year I said we'd do it this year, but only on a smaller scale. Ha!


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