Thursday, October 25, 2012

School visit

Today I went to school.
Small town elementary school.

To visit a teacher.  My boy, Nate.  To see his classroom where he teaches some lucky kiddos.  And to deliver some cookies for a community education class he is teaching tonight.

His fun classroom is full of art projects ....

I helped him cut out some hand print spiders the kids made ...

He hung them on the wall, while I kept cutting and attaching string, er...uh, the web.

Previous projects ...
              cute ghosts made from toilet paper cardboard and streamers.

and mummies.
I love the mummies,
but I love the spooky tree even more!

skeletons made with Q-tips
pumpkins made with orange-dyed pasta!

So much fun and creativity in this classroom!


  1. Such a great guy and what a fun teacher....lucky kids indeed. Cant pick a favorite project, loved them ALL!

  2. Anonymous9:27 AM CDT

    Oh, I want to be one of Nate's students! What fun projects! The classroom looks great!


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