Monday, October 15, 2012

River Trail

Sorry to bore you with another trail ride.

It's just that time is running short for riding and I sure don't expect a warm fall and winter like last year, so I'm getting in as much riding as I can these days.

Last week I rode alone.  Twice.  It's very different riding alone.  I have plenty of time to think, pray, reflect, relax and unwind.
I like riding alone.

I also enjoy riding with Karen (and whoever else).  The camaraderie of other riders is fun and its a good time to "talk out" what is on our heart and minds.

Both times I rode last week were on the camp river trail.  I only had my little camera along and only on the second ride.  Lucky you ... little camera has a video option!  Now you can experience a river ride too!

While watching that video, I got a fabulous idea!  Next time I ride through camp, I'll take a video so you all can experience camp on a virtual horseback ride.  I know.  exciting.  It does give me an excuse to ride again.

The river trail eventually turns into another trail.
In the woods.
If this trail has a name (I'm sure it does), I don't have a clue what it is.
The trail is very pretty, and quiet.
I saw several deer and a Bald Eagle
on a low branch by the river.

Every time I ride alone, when I return, I ride by the other horses at Karen's (Gwenny, Zephyr, Vegas and Faith) for one reason.  I love watching them as they realize Layla and I have returned ... then watch them come running to us with nickers and whinnies all excited that we are home.

I wait for them all to come to the fence, then I head back to the stable.  Within a few seconds they all come running along side Layla and I.

It is a beautiful sight to see (and hear) the horses run along side us. I was a little slow getting the camera out of my coat pocket and missed some of the hurrah, but you will get the idea....

Tuesday it might hit 70 degrees
Perfect for riding!


  1. It looks very peaceful -- and quiet. Many similarities to ATV riding. Fun times.

    1. Maybe we should ride together! Your horsepower and mine!

  2. Ahhh, so tranquil. Looks like the perfect kind of ride.


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