Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Patio pick-up

Last weekend we accomplished more than I expected to, but less than I wanted to.  Does that even make sense?  My weekend to-do lists are always lofty, and rarely completed, but most of that is my fault for procrastinating or lingering too long over morning coffee with Kirk.   We know how to drag out the morning coffee I'll tell you.

One thing on my list for the weekend was to spruce up the front entry.  Sweep the gathered leaves, get rid of sad summer plants that didn't survive our frost, and set out the freshly picked pumpkins from our garden.

Since the list also included trimming some Red Twig Dogwood that "volunteered" in our flower bed, I cut some branches and added some hydrangea and plopped them in a pot of water by the front door.  I love the berries on the dogwood branches!

Plopped a few branches in some old watering cans too ...

I'll never grow tired of these cuties ...

Snuggled a few pumpkins among the sweet potato vine 

The lantern looks nice all summer by the grasses, but in the fall, it looks the best!

Nothing like a picture to give me more ideas...
Still might do some more tweaking ...

Rarely does Halloween decorating creep into my fall schemes.
A little editing fun is enough for me!

Do you decorate outdoors for fall?


  1. I used to do all sorts of fun seasonal/holiday decorating - and then realized no one is ever at my house to see it so I stopped...so much work...I don't have the energy...maybe someday again.

    1. I totally get that Karyn! Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't do it. I used to go all out .... now at Christmas I grumble thinking about it, wondering if it is all worth it!

  2. You have the perfect front porch for decorating!!!, and you do such a good job. I love what you did this year, very cool white Pumpkins!... P.S. Love the lantern photo :)

  3. Very nice. I love the couch & the baby pumpkins! I'm laughing because your OUTSIDE is better decorated than the inside of my house!! I'm too lazy! (P.S. Love the lantern photo, too!)


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