Thursday, October 11, 2012

Little Cottage Reno

About four years ago I took you on a (blog) tour of the beautiful home our friends Dave & Jo Lynn.  They designed, built and decorated that beautiful home.  Then they sold it.

and moved here...

to the little cottage that they own.  This adorable little cottage has a one bedroom apartment upstairs, and a two bedroom apartment downstairs.

This home has so much character.  And potential.

Dave & Jo Lynn continue to live in the upstairs one bedroom apartment while they take on the challenge of totally remodeling the downstairs.

I'll be following the progress as they rebuild the cottage. 
We'll start with a couple weeks ago.

Looking from the kitchen to the living room...

and from the front door to the kitchen

a wall was removed to open a bedroom up to the living room area
this will be a den/office area

the bedroom

the bathroom
(love the old tub fixtures)

a couple weekends ago Jo Lynn and I worked through some flooring options.
The counters will be a Carrara marble look-alike -- in Corian.

Cabinets will be Martha Stewart Living in Fortune Cookie color.

The house is heated with radiators.
No black, gray, silver or white radiators in this cottage.

This cottage will be rockin' red radiators!

This cottage is going to be striking.  Magazine feature worthy.
Prepare to be amazed!

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  1. It'll be fun to see the transformation, Love the red radiators!


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