Sunday, September 16, 2012

in the yard

Yesterday was a beautiful day to be outside and in the garden.

Noticing that the mice and other critters were starting to snack on the jack-be-little pumpkin/gourds in the garden, I made an executive decision to harvest them.

Leaving the eight or so ones that were half-eaten, I got busy collecting the rest of the gourds.

It's like a treasure hunt finding them in the tall grass and under leaves.

Our boy convinced me I should grow blue Morning Glories along our pool fence.

He told me he loved them at our last home, where they covered a chain link fence.

A memory.

I had tried growing these in the same spot a couple years ago with no success.

This year the hot summer and my extra effort to make them grow is paying off.

I'll plant them again, in more places next summer.

Still in the garden:

lots of tomatoes
Cherry/Grape/Roma/Early Birds/Beefsteak

again, a lot of it.



Chocolate Mint

Green Peppers

Jalapeno Peppers




White Pumpkins

Keeping busy in the garden,


  1. Such a lovely bountiful harvest!, Beautiful photos!

  2. Chocolate Mint!!?! They had that in the herb garden portion of the Hershey Gardens; we were amazed how much it actually smelled like chocolate AND mint. The girls will be so excited to know we can grow it in MN!!

    1. I'll split it up and give you a plant ... it grows like crazy.

  3. Morning Glories remind me of Mom -- she had them growing on our chain link fence on Missouri Ave.

  4. Cheri,
    Love the colors of the pumpkins and the morning glories--brilliant! I, too, love to see them growing on a fence. What a fun and beautiful garden!

  5. Thanks Gary. I love the white pumpkins ... but kinda miss the orange, which surprises me.


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