Sunday, September 09, 2012

Garden beauty

Canned some more tomato/basil spaghetti sauce today with some of the tomatoes and basil in our garden.

While I was in the garden gathering some basil...

 surrounded by the zinnias

and dahlias

I found myself surrounded by several hummingbirds too

by the time I ran in the house for my camera, several had left

but a few remained

I was surrounded by chirping hummingbirds and bright flowers
it was magical for those few minutes!


  1. Beautiful Photo's. You had to be pretty crafty to get the shot of the humming bird, they are usually so flightly! I planted my first Zinnias this year, I love them (inspired by you). I've been cutting them for my guest bathroom, always a little fresh bouquet to brighten the BR.

  2. Wow - these are some amazing pics! Looks like you are surrounded by beauty :)

  3. Anonymous9:18 AM CDT

    Great shots, Cheri! Dad would be proud! Zinnias, one of my favorites. Still remember the best ones I've ever seen grown from seed in mom and dad's back yard. I know you love them too! Those hummers are so fun!

  4. I'm using your collage of zinnias as a backdrop on my computer....I love those!!!


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