Tuesday, September 04, 2012

First time for everything...

After sleeping in a bit on Sunday, Mr. D and I joined our BFFs and headed to

The Minnesota State Fair

We've been a couple times
but this time was VERY different from other visits.

Besides not having any children along,
we did something VERY out-of-character for both of us.

Never before in our 5+ decades on this earth have we  EVER . . .

 "Eaten our way through the state fair!"

It never even crossed my mind!
Typically Mr D and I would get something for lunch.
A hot dog or some "lunch-type" food.
Then maybe a dessert.
Never would we consider trying whatever we wanted to try!
We did share everything... at least 2-ways if not 4-ways.

We began with a bottle of water (shared) before we passed through the gate.

The first stop.... 

The 32 ounce freakin' fresh french fries

Followed by ...

(the vendor in the food building has the best cheese curds I've ever had)
we also got a hot dog-- as a "nod" to lunch.

We passed on this one...

This homemade nut roll was amazing!
(we shared this one 4 ways)

 Next up....

Our BFFs grandson was working this food stand
so we gave the deep fried dill pickles a taste....

We gave this stand some consideration,
but ended up passing on it...

We were informed that Sweet Martha's fresh from the oven
chocolate chip cookies are a "must" at the fair, and that we "had to get some.

We do what we are told...

Kicked up our feet in a breezy, shady spot
with a bucket of warm cookies and ice cold milk

Shade was at a premium on Sunday -
Seeing large numbers of people crowding under small trees
brought smiles.

We didn't ride any of the rides.
In fact, we didn't even go near the midway.
The Giant Slide, a blast from our past, was along our path.
In the 60's there was one in the town where we grew up.

I went down it once or twice as a kid.
It looked much more fun than it actually is.

The birthing barn is my favorite spot

This calf was very interested in us people

 I let her suck on my finger for a few minutes.
She was comforted.
I felt better.

She wasn't in the pen with her momma and that made me sad.

Is it me or are the stuffed prizes bigger than ever?

 Crazy how many baked goods and canned goods were entered !

hundreds of cakes, cookies, pies, breads, bars, muffins, etc.
filling cases and cases
getting staler by the day hour
such a waste.

How about that job... "taste tester" at the fair?
Could be fun!

But then again, that's pretty much what we did on our day at the fair.

and I'm ok with not doing that for a long time.

Do you eat your way through the fair?

Is it only me who is new to this insane practice?


  1. I've only attended the State fair a hand full of times, never ate my way through it, but would have liked to. You know for me it wasnt gonna happen this year with the heat and humidity...I would have been one miserable mama. Glad you had fun, the food looks amazing!

  2. Yum, the pickles look good!! What a fun day!!


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