Sunday, September 23, 2012

Day trip

Saturday morning we got our weary bones out of bed early to join our friends, Dave and Jo Lynn, on a trip to Minneapolis to Bauer Brothers Salvage.  A warehouse FULL to the brim of used building materials and architectural elements.  This place would make American Pickers go ka-ray-zee!  Dave and Jo Lynn were picking up radiators for their home they are remodeling. 

When we walked in the door, this was our first sight...

The possibilities are endless -- 
hundreds of beautiful built-ins pulled from old homes, offices, businesses
fill this place

including entire interior walls of doors and windows...

an old movie theater projector

make that two projectors ...

An actual jail cell door
(the bars are also available!)

Thousands of doors.
We are adding on to our church building--
I'm thinking these doors would work nicely for doors on the classrooms.

Dave and Jo Lynn bought this very nice old door for $60.
It is going to be the service door on the new garage they are building.

The entire (huge) third floor of this warehouse is nothing
but windows.

Rows and rows of windows

An entire half of the building is full of plumbing related items
old sinks, toilets, clawfoot tubs, jacuzzi's.

Love this old farm sink complete with dishwasher!

This Murphy Tub has it's own water heater!

Haven't seen one of these bad boys in a long time

Love this compact kitchen!

Stove, oven, sink and fridge all in one six foot counter.

This complete kitchen of cupboards made my heart sing.
The wood, the hardware, the finish.
New cabinetry can't match the charm these cabinets have and bring to a kitchen.

Loading up the goods ...

Mr. D and I came home with something too.  We'll get it all cleaned up in the coming week or two and show you our prize and how we are going to use it!


  1. Looks like an amazing place for a day trip. I cant wait to see what you purchased....hurry up already :)

  2. Of course you came home with something! I was saying in my head "So, what'd ya get?" as soon as I started reading!

    1. Oh Jen, you know me too well!


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