Sunday, September 09, 2012

Celebratory ride

Spent a couple hours on Labor Day riding horseback with my boy.
My celebratory gift to him for landing a job, getting his own place and rockin' the teaching job!

First step:  Introducing rider to horse.

then I introduced him to my faithful ride, Layla.

After the boy got in the saddle we had him ride around the yard for bit

Nate's job:  Show Faith that he is the man in charge

He did great.  Faith did too.
She tried a few times to do her own thing, but Nate "took the reins" 
and let her know who she was workin' for.

Then we headed out to the beautiful countryside of Zumbro Falls.
I was the drag rider.

Half way through the ride we stopped to visit the Alpacas.
Oh my goodness.  So much cuteness!

It was a two hour ride.
By the time we returned to the stable, the boy was ready to be done
He humbly admitted to some soreness.
Two hours can be a long time on the back of a horse when you aren't used to it.

Great fun riding with you kid!  Good luck in the classroom this week!  You'll do great!

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  1. Isnt it fun to do thing one on one with the kids sometimes. Nate looks like a natural....just like his mom :)


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