Sunday, August 05, 2012


I'm back.  Just spent a wonderfully relaxing and totally fun week of vacation with our kiddos.  Since this blog serves as an e-journal -- of the life we've been given, I am warning you now, that you are now entering..... the vacation photos...

After an overnight in the western 'burbs of Chicago at my sister's home, we headed to our vacation destination.  Since we had plenty of time to spare, we made a few stops in our hometowns ... where Mr. D and I both grew up.

First stop was in Munster, Indiana.  Mr. D and the boys wanted to check out  Three Floyd's Brewery.  It's got the number one brew on the Brewgene App...  Zombie Dust.  After locking up and securing the bikes on the back of the van, we headed into the "carry out" section, decided to go into the pub, then were told there is a 40 minute wait for a table.  We didn't wait.  Unfortunately, they didn't have any Zombie Dust.  Turns out, it sells out the day it goes on sale.  Monday.  The boys settled for other flavors.

By the time we finished at Three Floyds it was <past> lunch time.  Mr. D and I chose Schoop's Hamburgers for our lunch stop.  The kids seemed to like the food.  And our stories.  And plugging the table juke box with quarters to play some favorite tunes.

I can remember sitting at this very booth as a kid!)
We made a last minute decision to stop in Hessville.  The town we call home.  Hessville, Indiana is the home of Jean Shepherd who wrote A Christmas Story.  We gave the kiddos a tour of several significant locations.

Like the Dairy Queen.  Mr. D's first job location.  Also first date spot for Mr. D and I.

Across from the DQ .... the Kennedy Theatre.  Movies.  Lots of stories shared about this place.  Mr. D and I saw Jaws here ... first date.... then walked across street to DQ.

More stops and stories coming up....


  1. Yay, your back. Glad you had a good time with the kids. It must be so fun for you to share those stories of your youth in Indiana! I love hearing them too. Keep the stories (and pictures) coming.

    1. It was very different to be so "unconnected" from the web and phone!

  2. I'm pretty sure we're going to stop by 3Floyds this weekend (we're headed to Madison for a wedding).

  3. You'll be within a mile of where I lived while in high school!


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