Friday, August 10, 2012

The beach house

The beach house ... not really on the beach.  The house we rented  was either a 2 minute drive, 5 minute bike ride, or 10 minute walk from door to shore.  It looked out over horse stables and corrals.  Not too shabby.

Door one.  Which is probably, technically the "back door".
Those bags on the steps ... my rock/stone collection.

the door from the inside.... a quaint antique door

Winding stairs to second floor and foyer

The different stair spindles.  They inspired me.

Walking in the above door, you look right back outside 
through the door across the foyer 

Screened in porch was a favorite kickback spot

 Gathering spot for watching the Olympics

sitting room (with another tv)
(we never used this room)

stairs. again.  view from kitchen and dining area.

no staging this house for photos
we are moved in and on vay-cay-shun 

Grab a bike

Let's head to the beach

it's a nice ride on quiet, tree lined, winding streets 
lined with  fancy cottages and humble cottages 

 leading to the stairs to the beach

a quiet, private beach

< sigh > 

books, magazines, beverages, snacks

dawn to dusk
love the shore


  1. Ahhhhhh the beach, looks like the place to be :)

  2. My favorite type of vacation!! Looks wonderful!

  3. I totally recommend this place!


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