Sunday, August 26, 2012


Yesterday Mr. D and I spent the day canning.
As in preserving.
As in up to our elbows in tomatoes and peaches.

Tomatoes from our garden into tomato juice ...

 and homemade tomato basil pasta sauce
(basil from our garden too)

Colorado peaches became peach honey butter

We wrapped up the day with pasta topped with our freshly canned sauce, homemade focaccia bread and some wine and relaxing on the patio.

Today we are right back at it .... time to do some more peaches .... and on to the pears!


  1. so cool! I love the pictures! Maybe someday I'll have the patience to do something like this! The butter looks so pretty!

  2. When (and if) you ever want to can, let me know and I'll help you.

  3. Life is good with fresh food!

  4. You have a great helper! Makes it go quicker.... looks wonderful


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