Monday, August 13, 2012

Rocks I

One of our past times (Nate and Tim especially) while sitting on the beach on our vacation was to stack the stones that were near our seats.

Nate was the most prolific stacker
and Tim came in second

Nate's rock art was extensive and detailed

this is my current screen saver...

photos courtesy of Nate Dietzman

Something you may not know about me.....
                          I'm a rock/stone collector.
                                      I can't resist picking and bringing favorites home with me.


  1. Nate took the photos!

  2. Anonymous8:56 AM CDT

    I have been an avid rock collector my entire life! I wanted a rock polisher for Christmas or my birthday so much when I was young. I never did get one. What is the fascination for some of us?
    The pictures are great! Looks like a relaxing time at the beach!

  3. So cool! Nate would have done well in primitive times. He could have made his family a home from rocks :)

  4. We search for and collect heart-shaped rocks...started when greg brought one home for me from his time in Europe traveling with Up with 1990. We only have about a dozen....but even the kids are in on it now - always looking for a new one to add.


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