Monday, August 06, 2012

Goin to the chapel...

The kiddos were game to keep going on the hometown tour, so we hit up the church that Mr. D and I grew up in.  This is where Mr. D was baptized, where we got hitched, and where our children were baptized.  Mr. D and I have SO many memories and stories from our many years at this church.

Walked down this long aisle to my groom waiting at the front of the church......

A photo from the balcony where all the teens sat together every week...

Three doors at each aisle are the entrance to the sanctuary ... from the foyer...

The middle school and high school Sunday School classrooms in the attic (I think there are 8 of them).  Perfect places for hiding during a game of Sardines.  I used to imagine what it would be like to have a bedroom in one of these rooms.  Our kids thought they were pretty neat too.

This is the older part (wing) of the church.  The chapel is through these doors....

The Chapel
Sunday night services were held here
as well as Sunday school openings.

Time seems to have stood still inside this building.  Not much has changed in the many years since we've been gone.  Lasting friendships were made during our years here.  The next stop on our trip .... to the home of long time (40 years) friends -- a friendship that started in this church building.

all photos courtesy of Nate Dietzman

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  1. thanks for taking us! i had a lot of fun seeing where you and dad grew up and got married! :D


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