Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Beach Loot

My. Beach. Loot.

With the assistance of my family, I managed to take home a <very> nice assortment of rocks. stones, fossils and sea glass from the shores of Lake Michigan.

Yep.  I sorted them.  It was awesome.

So awesome in fact, that I think I'll do it again tomorrow!

I'm not going to bore ya'all with the scientific, fancy and proper names of the stones.  I mean, really.... who cares?

When I sort them I name them what I want!

Here we go .....

The marble-y stones.  Lots of colors and smooth.

The big flatties -  many shapes and sizes ...

Smooth, round-ish black stones.  
My favs are round and look & feel like coins.

Larger and flatter black stones

Another favorite - 

the smooth brown stones
with a couple awesome orange stones tossed in.

Pretty cool texture on some of them
...  and a fish shape!

smaller tan, flat stones
nothing special, just like 'em

A Geode ...


This is a Crinoid.. <making an exception here on the rock names>
A marine invertebrate, also known as a "sea lilies".  This animal is fixed to the sea bottom by a stalk and resembles a plant.  Sometimes called  "Indian Beads" by beach collectors. These crinoid fossils are from the Paleozoic Era (from 540 to 245 million years ago). 

Aren't these awesome?  
Flat with multiple holes.
Mr. D thinks we should string them.
Have to dig out my leather string

The red stones 

and the white stones

and the ever elusive

Beach Glass ...  if found on inland waterways
Sea Glass ... if found on oceans/sea shores

Now to figure out a plan on how and where to use these beauties!

Which are your favorites?


  1. Reminds me of this song...

    The stones are beautiful Cheri...

    1. Beautiful song Wendy! Thanks for sharing. I'll always think of this now when I see my stones, and when I look for more.

  2. One rock, two rock, red rock, blue rock! Oh the places you went :-)

  3. They are all very cool, love all the different colors and shapes! I've always been drawn to skipping rocks, the big flat ones :)

  4. PS... it took me about 15 tries to find a "word verification" that I could read. I think they are making those so difficult to read, ugh.

  5. Cool stuff, but I don't recall ever seeing any rocks on the beach further north where we are. I think for sure my kids would have noticed them. I'll have to be on the lookout next time.

    1. Jen, different beaches and areas along the lake have different stones/rocks or ...none. The beaches in Indiana have more sand, less stone/rock. Even as we walked the shore the type of stones changed!


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