Tuesday, August 07, 2012

5 Star Pizza !

We wrapped up the hometown tour early afternoon and headed to the home of our looooong time friends, Sue and Ed.  The not-so-newly-wed couple met us at Sue and Ed's where we all enjoyed the ....

...amazing homemadebetterthananyrestaurant pizza that Ed makes.  This pizza is so freakin' delicious that the notsonewlyweds decided to pass on a hotel get-away (it was nearly their one year anniversary) so they wouldn't miss out on Ed's famous pizza.

Ed made us his newest pizza .... deep dish.  
He also made several hand-tossed pizzas with various toppings.
We were all too busy eating them to take photos of those pizzas.

Next up.  Something new to Ed.  Dessert pizza.  
Baby Girl and I assured the pizza man that it is a good idea to put a sugar/butter/flour/cinnamon mixture on pizza crust, bake it then drizzle a glaze over the top.

Despite the fact that our bellies were full of all kinds of amazing pizza,
we managed to put away the dessert pizza with no problem.

We got in a few games of bags in between pizza's coming out hot and fresh from the oven.

Next up ... the beach.



  1. Loving these blogs of your trip! It's neat to see where you grew up and had so many memories :) And it's always fun to see a pic of my BFF cuz she never puts pics of facebook! Now I want pizza! I remember Ed, he was at your house when Audrey was a newborn :)

  2. Thanks Brie! I'll remember to include pics of your BFF in future posts!

  3. That dessert pizza looks amazing....yum yum

  4. It was Sooooooo good Jackie! I get a "hankerin'" for it every time I look at the picture!

  5. Anonymous10:09 PM CDT

    Yum! Looks like good times and food!

  6. Sandy ... Ed's pizza is better than any I've had in any restaurant! It is always a good time when we are with them!

  7. great company and great food! what more could you ask for?! also - GREAT picture of cara and tim!!! and brie - YOU ARE SO RIGHT! SHE NEVER POSTS PICS! SO SELFISH! KEEPING HER LIFE TO HERSELF! UGH!

  8. I really like the pic of C & T too :)


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